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PinkBastard Apparel was born from Adriana and David’s dedication as professional artists and enthusiasm as a creative team.

The foray into apparel was a natural transition for them. Adriana’s artwork embraces a clothing theme that is a mix of style and substance, and the inspirational 3D wire artwork by David continues - his line and form observations are unexpected, exciting and a creative outlet to bridge art, design and commerce.

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PinkBastard ArtShop

Miami IronSide: 7610 NE 4th Ct, Miami

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Embroidered handmade 100% cotton Women’s T’s

“Believe in Yourself”

“BubbleGirl” Tank

Also Available in Glimpse,1825 West Ave Miami Beach

Co-owner, Adriana

Also Available in Glimpse,1825 West Ave Miami Beach

 FreeHand Embroidery by David 
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“With FreeHand Embroidery,

the voice is in the stitch.”

Left: “Heart-Time”

Right: “Mind Over Matter”

“C’est La Vie IV”

“Advertise This!”






“Bubble, Bubbles No Toil No Troubles”

“Make a Wish”


“Walter In WonderLand”


“La Femme”



“C’est La Vie III”

Front & Back

Adriana in “WonderLand”



“Cheers To Tears”


Gettin’ the Honey

Bikini and Pantie




“Birds Don’t Cry”

Front & Back




“Birds Don’t Cry” Curtains





Commissioned Portraits are Welcomed

“Believe In Yourself”



“Walter in TreeHouse”


Commissioned Portraits are Accepted


Front and Reverse


“What’s Not To Like”

“Make A Wish” Erotica

Made with recycled jeans

“Pocket Pisser”

His & Hers


FreeHand Embroidered





Hi Biscus

Isle Of Mann

Tour De France